Tuesday, March 07, 2006

South Dakota, With State Average IQ of 90, Bans Most Abortions

South Dakota's governor signed a near-total ban on abortions in the state into law in what the governor called a ''direct frontal assault'' on the U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize the practice 33 years ago.

South Dakota has a state average IQ of 90 and is ranked 45 out of 50 in national intelligence. An IQ range of 80-90 is classified as "dullness". You can draw your own conclusions.

The bill would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion unless the procedure was necessary to save the woman's life. It would make no exception for cases of rape or incest but such victims could get emergency contraception. Under the new law, doctors could get up to five years in prison for performing an illegal abortion.

The abortion bill earlier this month passed the House 50-18 and the Senate by 23-12. For the most part, republicans have dominated the Statehouse since the 1970s. What a surprise!

But Leslee Unruh, president of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse said the governor's decision to sign the bill is a victory for women. ''We finally have been heard,'' said Unruh. ''We are so excited. We're ordering lobster and having a party. We are thrilled.'' I guess it's ok to boil a lobster alive but not to scrape out a few non-living cells.

You gotta love this loon. Read more about her deceptive bullshit. By the way, it can cost you up to $1,500 to abstain from sex with Leslee. The donations form defaults to $100, gift certificates are $25 each, "Purity" rings sell for $329 plus books, brochures and audio tapes are also for sale at this non-profit organization.

But the news is not all bad:
1. We can round up the country's rapists and ship them off to South Dakota where they can take some pride in their work knowing their efforts will bear fruit, so to speak.

2. Fathers, brothers and mentally deficient cousins can move there with their wives... or sisters... or daughters... or whatever to create more genetic mayhem in peace.

3. Entrepreneurs will flock to South Dakota to open up a myriad of new businesses like garbage dumpsters, wire coat hangers, vacuum cleaners (Oreck vacuums can pick up a bowling ball!) and Krazy Glue.

4. The unlucky few who are forced to give birth can sell their babies on eBay or CraigsList.

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