Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Look -- Up in the Sky! Product Placements!

Superheroes like Superman and Spider-Man can save mankind from natural disasters, space aliens and evil mutants but there's one thing they are powerless to stop: Advertisers shilling products within the pages of the comic books they call home.

In July, DC Comics, home to characters such as Batman and Aquaman, is launching "Rush City," a six-part miniseries that boasts visible promotional support from Pontiac.

Over the past few months, Marvel Entertainment Inc. has begun putting the "swoosh" logo from Nike Inc. in the scenes of some of its titles, such as "New X-Men." Last week, Dodge finalized an ad pact that will include product placements in Marvel comics. Marvel, home of Spider-Man, Captain America and Sub-Mariner, may feature Dodge's new car, the Caliber, in the books' cityscapes, including on billboards, T-shirts or signs over the next four to eight months.

We can look forward to these shameless plugs in the future:

The Flash: ejaculation delay ointment
Spider-man: Raid
Wonder Woman: Wonder bras
Iron Man: Rustoleum
Luke Cage: Geri-curl
Thor: Craftsmen hammers
Hulk: Slimfast
The Thing: Vaseline skin lotion
Hawkman: Donald Rumsfeld's PR firm
The Two Gun Kid: Dick Cheney's ranch
Black Panther: Eldridge Cleaver books
Dr. Strange: Bill Frist's autobiography
Aquaman: Brita water filters
Super man: Acme Plungers
Mr. Fantastic: Viagra
Green Lantern: Brasso brass cleaner
Swamp Thing: Sears Wet/Dry Vac

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