Thursday, February 08, 2007

Senior's Guide to Computers

Bits? Bytes? MP3s? RAM? Internet? Email? Windows? CPU?

Do any of the above terms seem confusing?
Does looking at them give you a dull pain between your ears?
Does sending an email seem like a major accomplishment?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions then a new web site called "Senior's Guide to Computers" is for you. For those of you who are entering the information super highway late in life and have children or grandchildren who know more about computers than Perdue knows about chicken, then check out "Senior's Guide to Computers". It's also perfect for computer beginners of all ages!

A project designed and written by Web Developer, Jeff Mayer, "Senior's Guide to Computers" is designed to teach senior citizens, kids, moms and dads all about computers. Learn the ins and outs of personal computers using examples, pictures, videos and descriptions actually written in easy-to-understand English.

Numerous articles cover every area necessary to turn your computer from a $1,000 paperweight to a valuable tool for productivity, communication, business, entertainment and much more.

Topics covered:

The Basics:
An overview of the main parts of a personal computer (PC) as it relates to your own physical office.

How to set up a computer for individuals with vision and other disabilities.

* Accessibility Wizard * Color Vision Deficiency * Keyboard setup * Magnifier * Monitor setup * Mouse setup * Narrator * On-Screen Keyboard * Utility Manager * Voice Recognition Software

Backing up your data:
Probably the single most important task you'll perform.

* Benefits of offline storage * External hard drives * Making copies of your personal data to CDs and DVDs * Making images of an entire drive * Reviews of different backup software


* Email programs * Email attachments * How to handle spam * Phishing schemes * Safe email practices * Web-based email


* CD/DVD burners * Hard Drive storage * Keyboards * Memory * Mice * Monitors


* Web Browsers: * Connection types: * Safe surfing * Search engines * Settings


* Anti-spyware software * Anti-virus software * Hardware Firewalls * Online banking * Online shopping * Software Firewalls * Windows Service Pack 2 * Windows Update * Windows user accounts


* Financial * Free alternatives * Office Suites * Photo Management

Plus there is an invaluable Senior's Guide to Computers Resource Center" featuring basic self-help computer guides, books, and software and hardware reviews. In addition, you will find links to other web sites with more detailed information. New and updated information is added to the Guide on an ongoing basis.