Thursday, November 09, 2006


As the events of the last six years unfolded, I felt that the majority of the American people had little hope of realizing the truth and overcoming ignorance. It seemed that folks were comfortable with:

1. A lying, corrupt, cowardly president.
2. Torturing prisoners, illegal wiretapping, eliminating civil rights and basically disregarding the Constitution.
3. Banning stem cell research.
4. Ignoring the human rights of gay individuals.
5. Supporting an illegal and immoral war in order to increase personal wealth (as in Haliburton).
6. Raping health care and prescription coverage for financial gain.
7. Ensuring that the religious right-wing wackos are allowed to exert undue influence on government.
8. Maintaining the pitiful state of our educational system.
9. The deliberate destruction of New Orleans because the people were not part of the president's "base".
10. Destroying the environment in order to line the pockets of the president's corporate cronies.

On November 8, 2006 the American people (at least 40% of the eligible voters -- a 1% increase over 2004) -- wrested control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Is it possible that the wheels of change are finally starting to turn? To answer that question, consider the following:

1. Missouri listened to Michael J. Fox and voted to support stem cell research and newly-elected Senator Claire McCaskill.
2. Arizona rejected a ban on same-sex marriages.
3. 28 of our 50 governors are now Democrats.
4. South Dakota rejected the abortion ban.
5. Highest turnout of voters aged 18-30 in twenty years.
6. First woman Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi (I thought my wife had the job first?)

Just when I thought I had to move to Canada with Alec Baldwin, the American people came through and delivered a technical knockout to President Chimpy McFlightsuit. Let's not stop now -- let's hit them while they're down. We need hearings, investigations, indictments and dare I say it? IMPEACHMENT!

If the repuglicans thought they were justified in impeaching President Clinton just because he had his knob polished then Dubya is definitely owed an impeachment.

If that fails, I bet for a gram of crystal meth that we could get Rev. Ted Haggard to obtain some presidential DNA on his blue dress for us. What's good for the goose.......

So America...I apologize.
On to 2008...