Friday, August 11, 2006

James Dobson lends support to Mel Gibson

Focus on the Family ministry founder James Dobson spoke in support Thursday of Mel Gibson and his film, The Passion of the Christ, saying Gibson's drunken tirade during a traffic stop had nothing to do with "one of the finest films of this era." Mr. Dobson applauds this violent film because it supports his own anti-Jewish preachings. He also enjoyed Halloween until he found out that Michael Myers wasn't Jewish.

Gibson, 50, who was arrested for drunken driving Aug. 1 in Malibu, California, launched an anti-Semitic rant toward the arresting deputy. Gibson said, "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," and asked him, "Are you a Jew?" He also called the female deputy "Sugar tits".

"Mel has also indicated his willingness to seek help to overcome his alcoholism, and has asked the Jewish community for forgiveness," Dobson said. "What more can he do?" Well, Mel can show his support for the Jews by getting a circumcision and placing his nazi father in a Jewish nursing home.

James Dobson is one of the worse hate-mongering bigots of our age. He is a co-founder of the "Focus on the Family" cult which uses its tax-exemption status to further its anti-woman, anti-gay, religious right agenda. His anti-semitic viewpoints go hand-in-hand with his defense of the Jew-hating Mel Gibson and his anti-semitic film.

Gibson has had a troubled relationship with Jewish organizations since his violent 2004 blockbuster about the crucifixion, which was criticized for portraying Jews as responsible for Jesus' death. Supporters, including Dobson, say the movie followed the Gospel story.

Mr. Dobson was also puzzled that Mr. Gibson knew Mrs. Dobson's pet name.