Thursday, May 11, 2006

Keith Richards' Brain Just Fine

The Rolling Stones want everyone to know that Keith Richards hasn't suffered any brain damage--at least not stemming from his latest misadventure.

A rep for the band has emphatically denied a report in the New Zealand Herald that the hard-living, accident-prone guitarist has undergone two surgeries for his head injury earlier this month and that his condition is much more serious than first thought. The spokeswoman claims that the coconut induced incident has been grossly overblown.

Yeah.....Keith has no brain damage.

And I fart gold.


  1. the man is a walking god.

  2. Well, he's walking anyway.

  3. That's a nasty picture. I'd tell him smoking's not good for him, but never mind.

  4. He's going to play Johnny Depp's dead father in the next Pirates of the Caribbean flick.

    Inspired casting!