Friday, May 05, 2006

Harry Potter Films We'd Rather Not See

(Courtesy of Captain Wacky's Lists)
Harry Potter and the Uneventful Year When No One Tried to Kill Him
Harry Potter and the New Love Interest Who Happens to Have the Same Name as the 15-Year-Old Girl Writing this List
Harry Potter and the New Love Interest Who Happens to Have the Same Name as the 15-Year-Old Boy Writing this List
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sucrets
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Kidney Stone
Harry Potter and the Uncomforatble Oversexualization of Minors
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer are Stoned
Harry Potter and the Burning Sensation
Harry Potter and the Camping Weekend With Ron That Will Never Be Spoken Of Again
Harry Potter and the E Street Band
Harry Potter and the Things You Have to do to Get By in Prison
Harry Potter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner Detainees of Azerbaijan
Harry Potter and the Wand of Franchise Extension

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood, the Quadroon, and the Octaroon
Harold and His Big Purple Crayon of Adolescent Yearning
Hal Pot and the Intellectuals of Cambodia
Harry Potter and the shameless Tom Clancy Crossover
Harry Potter and the 2000 Election
Harry Potter and the HufflePuff Orgy
Harry Potter and the Weapons of Magic Destruction
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pizza
Harry Potter and the Bizarro Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Street Fighter II Tournament
Harry Potter and the King of Pop
Harry Potter and the Birth of Christ
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stones in His Mouth
Harry Potter and the Jews and Crusaders
Harry Potter the Geopolitical Realities of the Post-Nuclear Age
Harry Potter and Whoever Alan Rickman's Character is are Totally Doing It
Harry Potter and the Cusp of Manhood
Harry Potter and the Gauntlet of Mucous
Harry Potter and the Insidious Compact Disc Root Kit Installation
Harry Potter and the Gargoyle of Reacharounds
Harry Potter and the Sandwich of Crotchmeat
Harry Potter and the Incredibly Long Run-On Sentence That ALmost Makes It Look As If The First Three Paragraphs Of The Story Are Actually More Like The First Three Sentences And Then Hermione Says Harry That Dragon Is Attacking You and Ron Is In Danger So Harry Potter Reaches Into His Magic Bag And Removes A Magic Card That He Says Makeus Enlargitus and The Creature On The Card Which Is A Griffin With The Body Of A Zebra But Claws Of A Lion Comes Out Of It And When It (The Dragon) s Defeated Harry Says It Was Voldemort and Hermione Says How Do You Know And Harry Says I Just Know and Ron Goes Gulp!
Harry Potter and the Hendersons

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    We can be as slippery as a snake.
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    Some of us are as strong as an ox.
    People try to buffalo others.
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