Friday, February 03, 2006

Will and Fall from Grace

A conservative advocacy group turned its wrath on Thursday to an upcoming "Will & Grace" episode that it says will mock Christ's crucifixion. In the episode, scheduled to air on April 13, Jack's fictional TV network is bought by a Christian broadcaster, leading Britney Spears' character to do an Easter cooking segment on Jack's show called "Cruci-fixin's."

The American Family Association, run by right-wing fundamentalist Donald Wildmon, immediately raised objections to the planned episode, saying it "mocks the crucifixion of Christ" and will "further denigrate Christianity" by airing the night before Good Friday.

"NBC does not treat Jews, Muslims or other religions with such disrespect," the Mississippi-based group said on its Web site. "Yet the network demonstrates a deep hostility toward followers of Christ."

The advocacy group called on its supporters to write letters of protest to NBC executives. It also included an appeal for a "small donation to help us in this effort."

Hey, Donny boy, lighten up. It's called humor, ever hear of it? Sure, Will and Grace makes fun of Christianity.... and Jews, gays, alcoholics, drug addicts, fat people, Hispanics, WASPs... did I mention Jews? Jesus himself would laugh at this show. You know why, Wildmonster? Because Jesus was a Jew and Jews have a sense of humor!

You know what's not funny? The fact that you're taking money from people under false pretenses....again.

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