Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Republican Culture of Corruption.

President Bush proposed a $2.77 trillion budget today that calls for cutbacks in a range of domestic programs and an unrelenting resolve to lock in permanently the tax cuts to the rich that the administration pushed through Congress in recent years.
The budget comes as no surprise from the Bush presidency, putting national security and tax cuts above all other considerations and gradually tightening or reducing spending on programs, including educational loans, health, environment, farm subsidies and national parks. Mr. Bush is proposing to limit the growth in Medicare spending, at a savings of $36 billion over the next five years.
The Senate's minority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, attempted to tie the budget to the recent Washington lobbying scandals, saying that the programs that Mr. Bush saved were part of what he called "the Republican culture of corruption."

"While working Americans are facing higher prices for everything from health care to gas to college tuition, this president's budget continues to hand out costly, budget-busting favors for special interests like the drug, oil, and H.M.O. industries," Reid said. "After creating record deficits and debt with his budget-busting tax breaks, the president is asking our seniors, our students and our families to clean up his fiscal mess with painful cuts in health care and student aid."
When are the American people going to wake up and realize that this president has and will never do anything to benefit them? Mr. Bush has his dirty hands in every special interest kickback including energy and drugs. He has reversed virtually every environmental regulation created by the Clinton administration because his big industrial polluter buddies threw money at his campaign. He is cutting financial aid for students in order to increase enlistment in the army because he needs more bodies in Iraq and our children will have no place else to go.

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