Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Buck Stops Where?

The White House cited failures by the Homeland Security Department and other agencies in planning, communications and leadership in a report on Hurricane Katrina Thursday and proposed a broad reworking of how the government would respond to the next catastrophe.

Bush, however, made no mention of his own failings.

"We will learn from the lessons of the past to better protect the American people," Bush said Thursday at the end of a Cabinet meeting where the report was released.

"I wasn't satisfied with the federal response," Bush said.

I thought George was the key player in the federal response. Is he going to fire anybody?

Bush ordered the review days after the Aug. 29 storm revealed widespread federal disaster response gaps. More than 1,300 Gulf Coast residents died after Katrina hit, and hundreds of thousands more were forced from their destroyed homes.

The White House review comes a week after the special Republican-dominated House committee investigating the slow response found fault at every level of government — including the president and Chertoff.

Of course, anyone with the IQ of an egg timer knew this three days after Katrina struck. Why did it take dubya five months to figure this out? (that's a rhetorical question)

The report also encourages private citizens to take more responsibility for themselves, and recommends a public awareness campaign on individual preparedness, noting the success of slogans such as "Stop, Drop and Roll" for fire safety information.

"Stop, Drop and Roll", George? "Stop, Drop and Drown" would be more appropriate. Bush not only blames the agencies that he oversees but he is blaming Ma and Pa Kettle of New Orleans for allowing the water on their front porch.

The report describes Katrina as the first U.S. disaster — natural or man-made — with damage estimates approaching $100 billion. It does not look at ways to improve state and local preparedness and response missions.

When is someone going to address the catastrophe that is George Bush?

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