Friday, January 20, 2006

Six Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming

Six former heads of the Environmental Protection Agency — five Republicans and one Democrat — accused the Bush administration Wednesday of neglecting global warming and other environmental problems. Some quotes:

"I don't think there's a commitment in this administration."

"Slowing the growth of greenhouse gases isn't enough."

"We need leadership, and I don't think we're getting it. To sit back and just push it away and say we'll deal with it sometime down the road is dishonest to the people and self-destructive."

"If the United States doesn't deal with those kinds of issues in a leadership role, they're not going to get dealt with. So I'm very concerned about this country and this agency."

"You'd need to be in a hole somewhere to think that the amount of change that we have imposed on land, and the way we've handled deforestation, farming practices, development, and what we're putting into the air, isn't exacerbating what is probably a natural trend. But this is worse, and it's getting worse."

"Agency heads during five Republican administrations, including the current one, criticized the Bush White House for what they described as a failure of leadership."

"President Bush has rejected mandatory controls on carbon dioxide, the chief gas blamed for trapping heat in the atmosphere like a greenhouse. Bush also kept the United States out of the Kyoto international treaty to reduce greenhouse gases globally, saying it would harm the U.S. economy, after many of the accord's terms were negotiated by the Clinton administration."

Impeaching George Bush would be the first major step in improving waste management.

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