Friday, November 25, 2005

Want to Support the Troops? Send Rush Limbaugh Money!

Rush Limbaugh has reached a new low in shameless profiteering by taking advantage of our brave troops in Iraq. He has just introduced his "24/7 Adopt-a-Soldier Program". Sponsors may send a subscription to the Limbaugh newsletter at a discounted price of $49.99 each to as many soldiers as they wish. This also gives the troops access to online content at Rush's website.

Let's do some calculations. If only 5% of this moron's 3 million deluded listeners fall for this scam that would be 150,000 subscriptions. At $50 each, Rush stands to pocket $7,500,000. Since there really is no additional cost to adding more users of online content, the only real cost is the paper and the postage of the newsletter. Obviously, the pill-popper stands to realize a huge profit. This is good news only for Rush's OxyContin suppliers and sets a bad example for "dittoheads". summarizes this disgraceful action as follows:

"To any sensible person, soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan have needs far more urgent than either Rush 24/7 or the Limbaugh Letter. Items such as bullet proof vests, up-armored Humvees, airline tickets for family members to visit injured troops at Landstuhl or Walter Reed are certainly higher on the wish list. But such a donation drive would not result in Premiere Radio Networks making profits in the millions."

It's time for the radical right to relinquish control of our country before it's too late.


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