Friday, November 04, 2005

Andy Rooney on Voting

"Voters should be required to take an IQ test. The IQ score of the voter would register along with his or her vote. The candidate who got the highest total of IQ scores would be the winner."

What a fantastic idea! According to IQ and Politics, John Kerry would have won by a landslide. 31 of the 34 dumbest states were Bush states (Texas came in at #40). The 16 states with the highest IQs were Kerry states.

This makes pefect sense. Bush's approval rating went from 90 in July 2001 to 37 in November 2005. In other words, it took the Bush states 4 years to figure out what the Kerry states already knew -- that Bush is a disaster as a president.

I told everyone that Bush was a loser in 2000.
But hey, I'm from New Jersey (third highest IQ).


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